Poem writing competition – June 3, 2016

June 3, 2016

Lower secondary level and secondary level Nepali poem writing competition was organized on June 3, 2016. The participation was mandatory for this competition as well. It was a hard decision to make as we knew every student wouldn’t be interested in writing a poem. But it also means someone might have ‘never tried’ writing a poem and didn’t realize that he/she may be good at it. Writing a poem also enhances imagination as well as writing habit. So, we decided to make it mandatory. The topic was kept surprise until the competition so that the students wouldn’t come prepared or copy from somewhere else.

The topic for lower secondary level was ‘Mero desh’ or My country and ‘Swatantrata’ or Independence for the secondary level.

The winners of the competition were asked to present their poems in front of the assembly so as to increase their confidence among the mass.

Poem Competition, Jestha 21st , 2073

Secondary Level Winners

Position Class 9 “Nepali” Class 9  “English” Class 10 “Energetic” Class10






Rekha Karki


Pakriti Deuja


Nani Ram Giri


Rita Acharya

Judged by: Dambar Bharati

Poem Competition, Jestha 21st , 2073

Lower Secondary Level Winners

Position Class 6 “Nepali” Class 6 “English” Class 7 “Nepali” Class 7 “English” Class 8 “Nepali” Class 8 “English”







Bishnu Bharati


Durga Koirala


Bhawana Thapa





Salina Aryal


Judged by: Gyanu Giri

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