National Children’s Day, 2073 was celebrated among dances, folk songs, races and fun.

On the occasion of Children’s day, a special program was organized by Pragatishil Child Club of Terse Secondary School in coordination with CDECF.


The day started with a small rally around the area telling about Children’s rights.


A Folk Song competition was organized with support from CDECF, for the secondary and lower secondary level students.

Also, Math Race, Open Race and Fire in the Mountain was organized for the primary students.

The results are as follows.

Folk Song Competition (Secondary and Lower Secondary)

Position Winner Class
First Bishnu and group 6 English
Second Amrita and group 10
Third Kumar and group 7 English
Consolation Kiran Lamichhane 8 English

Math Race (Class 4 and 5)

Position Winner Class
First Gyanmaya Tamang 4
Second Ranjita Dhungana 4
Third Sadikshya Thapa 5

Boys’ Race (Class 2 and 3)

Class 2 Class 3
Position Winner Position Winner
First Suresh Tamang First Laxman Tamang
Second Buddha Tamang Second Gokul Bharati
Third Sajan Tamang Third Samel Khadka

Girls’ Race (Class 2 and 3)

Position Winner Class
First Angel Tamang 2
Second Rekha Ghale 3
Third Sashikala Ghale 3



Fire in the Mountain (UCED and ECED)

Position Winner
First Rajita Dhungana
Second Asha Bharati
Third Bipana Tamang


बिशेष पुरस्कार:
नृत्यप्रति लगाव र मेहेनतलाई मध्यनजर गर्दै कक्षा ५ कि बिन्दु तामांगलाई बिशेष पुरस्कार को व्यवस्था गरियो |


We would like to thank CDECF for their support.


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